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Sports Supplements for Bodybuilding

Sports supplements and bodybuilding supplements that work! ASR offers the most powerful legal supplements ever to hit the bodybuilding and sports industry. Our supplements contain specifically measured ingredients to give you the greatest impact.

Supplements for bodybuilding, not only are our products legal but they are also the strongest grade pro-anabolics you can get without a prescription. We want our clients to get maximum impact from our supplements and have several safeguards in place to ensure the quality and safety of our Supplements. We have designed these products so they can be taken in a continuous stacking cycle so you can experience the greatest muscle growth and development in a minimal and safe amount of time.

T-REX Testosterone Booster

Ecdy-Bolic Ecdysterone Supplement

Kre Alkalyn Creatine

Freak Of Nature Stack

Mass Matrix Amino Acids

Titan Muscle Mass and Recovery Stack

Our goal is simple; to offer you products that really work at prices you can afford. No weird potions, no insulting marketing hype, no hidden shipping costs, no BS.

We will be the first to point out that with proper training, diet and rest, you can develop and maintain a fantastic physique without supplements. Impressive bodybuilders existed long before protein powder, creatine, andro, etc. But the fact is, with proper supplementation, you will recognize greater gains faster.

Every year or so a new batch of gimmicky products are introduced that claim to help you gain muscle and/or lose fat. Over time most of these "gee-whiz" products lose favor and disappear because they are not very effective. The good news is that there are supplements that render results, not just empty promises.

The problem for consumers is paying too much for products that are inferior in quality. You can find plenty of cheap versions of popular supplements. There is nothing wrong with saving money. However, if you save a few dollars, but don't experience any "noticeable" results, you are just wasting your hard-earned money. If you don't get what you pay for, why bother?

Any "hot" product is rapidly produced and brought to market by companies looking to benefit from the trend. It is no secret that many companies take advantage of the lack of regulation of the supplement industry to produce inferior products that do not contain what the label states. The products we offer were chosen specifically because quality and value are both represented.

We proudly market quality products from the leading labs. Unlike with most other supplement companies, with ASR you WILL GET what you pay for.

We are constantly evaluating new products to offer our valued customers. As we find items in demand that meet our standards, our selection will grow. If we could not earn your repeat business we would be out of business. Feel free to contact us with your bodybuilding questions and comments. Your feedback is important to us. Also be sure to sign up for our free bodybuilding newsletter.

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