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When the fitness boom started in the early 1980's the public did not know about gaining muscle and losing fat effectively because most of the scientific studies that had been done were only motivated by the enquiring mind of medicine. But with the massive amount of money that started pouring into health and fitness these studies became funded by manufacturers who wanted to see what works best.

The result was that the bar kept on being raised as new information kept coming out and new studies were done on specific products and/or techniques. This is when bodybuilding publications became more and more popular because gym goers and home trainers all became aware that education when trying to exercise correctly can make a big difference.

The more educated you are about how and why your body reacts the better your results will be. This education can be accessed for free by signing up to our free bodybuilding newsletter.

The topics that you can get information on will range from unique exercises, workouts, diet plan and supplement stacks, etc.

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