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T-REX Testosterone Booster Supplement

What is T-REX ?

T-REX Testosterone Booster Supplement™ contains, without a doubt, the highest quality, most potent, legal, Testosterone-boosting compounds available. The goal is to stimulate the body to increase its own Testosterone levels all the way up to what's considered high normal. And not only that, but do it in a way that's not inhibitory, like steroids are. The secret to the success of T-REX™ is found in its super potent blend of herbs. We have combined ten of the purest forms of natural testosterone boosting supplements to bring you the ultimate testosterone blast!!

Let's look at just a few of the ingredients...

What is Bulgarian Tribulus and what can it do for me?

Tribulus is an herb also known as the puncture vine, and has been used for centuries in Europe as a treatment for impotence and as a stimulant to help enhance sexual drive and performance. On the athletic front, this potent herb has been studied and observed to enhance LH (luteinizing hormone) production and raise testosterone levels. The increased testosterone levels by Tribulus will have a positive effect on strength and stamina. Atheletes are using Tribulus to help ensure their own natural levels of testosterone are at a normal level at all times. Tribulus does not work the way prohormones do, it is a natural stimulant of LH. In fact, a person that has used a prohormone, should use T-REX on the "off cycle" to help their own testosterone levels return to normal, which is what the prohormone will suppress. On the "off cycle", many men feel weak, tired, and moody because their own natural testosterone levels have been suppressed. T-REX™ will help alleviate these symptoms.

Clinical studies in Bulgaria showed improved reproductive functions, including increased sperm production and testosterone levels in men.

What is Eurycoma longifolia and what can it do for me?

Eurycoma has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac and libido booster. Scientific studies support its use for this purpose and demonstrate that it is effective at boosting sexual function and endurance. Eurycoma is the active ingredient in nearly all the post prohormone ban mass builders as well as being a staple in nearly all of the popular sex drive increasing supplements.

Eurycoma is believed to stimulate the production of endogenous testosterone and to reduce the levels of bound and metabolically inactive testosterone in the body. It is believed to achieve this feat through the Leutinizing Hormone (LH) pathway. Consequently, users of Eurycoma commonly report an association between Eurycoma administration and increased feelings of well-being, increased sex drive, improved joint health, greater recovery from exercise of intense but appropriate duration, improved mental focus, and improved immune system function and reductions in body-fat.

Why Use Avena Sativa?

Avena Sativa is probably the most potent herbal free testosterone enhancer available. Avena Sativa works by freeing-up globulin-bound (useless) testosterone making it bioavailable. Most positive effects of testosterone, including sex drive, are attributed to free testosterone. Avena sativa is highly nutritive and supportive of the nervous system. It is great for building healthy bones, skin, hair and nails. It can also be helpful in relieving exhaustion, depression, spasms, lumbago and paralysis.

PCT Benefit

Excessive use of prohormones, in either too high of a dosage, or for many months at a time, can temporarily decrease your body’s own natural testosterone production. The Leydig Cells in your testicles simply stop producing testosterone. This problem can be combated by taking ™in a dosage of 4 caps per day. The Luteinizing Hormone stimulating power of T-REX™ signals your Leydig Cells to quickly resume their activity and to start producing testosterone again.

Each 3 capsule serving of T-REX™ contains:

Tribulus Terrestris

350 mg

Nettle Extract

300 mg

Muira Puama

250 mg

Saw Palmetto

200 mg


150 mg

Tongkat Ali

100 mg


100 mg

Avena Sativa

100 mg

Zinc Sulphate

30 mg

Beta Sitosterol

30 mg

Users of T-REX™ have reported:

  • Increases the Natural Level of Testosterone
  • Increases Strength, Stamina and Muscle Mass
  • Alleviates Tired, Week Moody Feelings on the "Off Cycle" of a Prohormone
  • Stimulates Sexual Drive and Performance
  • Increases Sperm Production
  • Improves Reproductive Function and Libido

This truly is one supplement that you will feel and feel and see results with. We have formulated it to work! And that it does "Big Time!"

One Bottle 90 capsules 30 day Supply Retails For $69.95

NOW ON SALE FOR ONLY $50.95 plus $7.00 S&H

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